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Should You Brand Yourself?

Several bloggers have aspirations of making money at some point.  In order to make any money people have to identify you.  You have to take the motive to build your reputation online and off.  Make people know what brand you represent.  When I walk into a room you better believe you’re going to know who I am.  If you don’t, I will most certainly let it be known.

Here are 3 cool ways you can strongly brand yourself and business online and off.

Being Yourself

To act like the person God created would be the easiest way to go.  In my opinion, it’s really the only way to go.  You’re wasting your time copying another person.  A copy can be spotted a mile away.  You need to know your strong points, you need to know what is your personality, what is your fits you the best? Are you thinker or doer? Here is an awesome career aptitude quiz so it’s easy to find out.

I swear you will make it much sooner doing what you love.  You probably won’t make it anywhere doing anything else.  People might call you strange, crazy, & different.  All they really are is a bunch of haters.  Be sturdy and never let another person’s slugs lower your inspiration.  I despise when a person tries to tell you what you can and can’t do.

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2 Google Conversion Tracking Options For AdWords

We’re trying to track what keywords in our Google AdWords account are converting for us. You have no idea what an important question this is!

I am amazed and annoyed when people bring be their failing AdWords accounts to review and they haven’t even bothered to try and measure the simplest of performance statistics – the number of conversions each of their keywords is achieving.

It’s really simple to do and the information provided can actually save you tons of money and time in wasted effort. The absolute minimum that every AdWords account holder should do is set-up conversion tracking for all their AdWords keywords.

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Consequences of Facebooking Your Parents & Other Facebook Sins

Gone are the days of Facebook being a student-only club.  If you’re a student there’s a good chance your parents have got a Facebook account too.  But when it comes to friending your mum or dad, do you accept or decline?

Let me take you back to my student years…..it was a fun, crazy, rollercoaster ride of an experience.  Facebook played an important and sometimes obsessive role for keeping in-touch with friends back home and connecting with new buddies on my course.   Never at any point have I even thought about adding my parents on Facebook, a point I made very clear to them!   Years have passed and I still don’t feel like I want to add my mum or dad as a friend, even though they have sent a request many times!

How do you feel about this?  92% of parents who use social media are Facebook friends with their kids.  Am I the odd one out? Anyway, 1 in 3 teens says they are embarrassed by parents comments .


More Facebook Sins

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How To Launch An EdTech Campaign

Brand Awareness campaigns help getting your brand and its products  into the mind of potential consumers. In this post I will explain how we help our client MyCareerTools.com, the educational portal, builds strong relationships with  people in order to create a great brand image that is synonymous with the morals and attributes that the company regards as important.

Creating a great brand awareness campaign is imperative especially in the technology and education  (so called edtech)  where things are constantly changing and if the mark isn’t quite hit then a product launch could fall flat.  Here are four steps to take when creating a tech, edu or edtech brand awareness campaign.

Make It Foolproof 

You need to make your products appeal to the people out there that may not instantly understand your solution. By catering to technology fans with the use of industry-specific language but also including everyone else with a more simplistic explanation you can widen your receptive audience.

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Convert Your Website into a Cash Cow

By now you may have already built a website but are still not raking in profits from it. Your next step is to use some SEO strategies to boost its search rankings and convince site visitors to either buy something from you or avail of an offer.

The top Internet marketing experts recommend the following:

Add quality content

Content that is unique, fresh and useful will drive traffic to your sales page or website. There are various types of content:

articles blogs videos how-tos audio clips You can buy content from outsourcers or you can create them on your own if you are skillful at making them. Most site owners often start by writing their own content but eventually pay others to do it for them as their businesses grow.

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5 Proven Steps To Checking Your AdWords Market

You’re intelligent enough to know that creating demand in a market place for a product where none currently exists is extremely difficult.  And your AdWords marketplace is no different to any other.

Don’t spend hours creating huge keyword lists, writing creative and imaginative ads and linking them to perfectly matched landing pages without testing your market place first.Wise words from one of Americas foremost combat generals of World War II.

The harsh reality is that if there are very few people who are actively searching online for your product or service, then AdWords probably is not for you.

And it’s better to learn this at the start of your advertising campaign before you’ve even opened an AdWords account rather than after days, even months of hard work, not to mention heaps of money in wasted advertising.

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“Keyword Quota Exceeded” – What To Do Next?

” Yesterday I posted a bunch of keywords to my account (about 70,000), but realized that I was being stupid and crazy, so today I tried to do some house-cleaning. I deleted the old campaign and created a new one.

This campaign has 63 ad groups and about 200 keywords per ad group.

I’m trying to make the campaign active and I get a message telling me “Keyword Quota Exceeded” … How can this be – Is Google still looking at my old keywords?”

When I hear reports of AdWords accounts with keywords numbering in the 10s of thousands, I have to gasp in amazement. I find it incredible that advertisers feel the need to create campaigns with so many keywords that AdWords has to cap their account.

Quite frankly, I’m amazed that people think such a large campaign can actually be managed properly. I can’t believe that any more than a small percentage of your keywords are actually making any money.

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Why People From Outside Your Local Geo-Targeting Area Are Seeing Your Ads

This is a common problem that AdWords users have when trying to geo-target an advertising campaign to a very small geographical area within the UK. The problem is due to the way that Internet access is provided within the UK and I’m afraid that there is no clear cut way of targeting your campaigns to completely eliminate your problem.

I could write here for you a full explanation on how geo-targeting works and why you’re experiencing such a high percentage of click-through from outside your geo-graphical area, but I’m sure you’d rather I told you how to reduce your wasted click-throughs and make your advertising more targeted.

What You Can Do To Reduce The Number Of Wasted Clicks Your Campaign Is Getting

Whenever you run a local advertising campaign, you should actually setup two campaigns. The first should be a national campaign and target keywords that all contain names of cities, towns and places that are within your catchment area.

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Learn To Build The Perfect AdWords Landing Page

How to build a quality AdWords landing page is a question we are asked a lot. As Mike has found out, get the content on your landing page wrong and your campaign can get into all sorts of trouble.

But building a landing page that Google will love, is not actually that hard. But, what you need to remember is that it is not just your landing page that AdWords judges, but your entire website.

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More New Features For The AdWords Keyword Planner

Many users have been very frustrated with the new look  Keywords Planner. Google have been getting lots of feedback about the recent changes and not a lot of it has been good.

However, it would seem Google have been listening for once. They’ve now added new features to the tool based on the criticism you have been giving them.

These new features include:

  • Being able to include or exclude specific terms from your keyword list.
  • A “More Like These” button to find search terms that are similar to a specific keyword idea.
  • Restricting your results to keywords that include the exact words or phrases and their close synonyms that you typed in the search box.
  • Adding stars to keywords that you would like to save and review later.
  • Easier editing, and copying so you can transfer your keywords to a spreadsheet.

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