My father (no more now) and myself have developed this herbal product for kidney stones which is a boon to sufferers.  I want to popularize this medicine, but don’t know how.

You’re intelligent enough to know that advertising drugs (even herbal remedies) on the Internet is not going to be easy. Just think about it, you probably get a number of spam e-mail in your inbox everyday trying to sell you some magic pill or cure. And that’s just the one’s that slip through the spam filter!

The fact of the matter is that everyone is automatically suspicious of websites selling online medications and cures. And you can bet that Google will be the most sceptical of all. Without doubt, you are going to experience much frustration and long delays in getting any of your ads for AdWords approved.

So when marketing using AdWords, your first stop must be at Google’s Content Policy Overview web page. Undoubtedly, there is a lot of information here and you need to dedicate the time to get familiar with what conditions apply to you and the countries within which you are going to advertise.

But more importantly, you need to build credibility into your website and everything you do. Without credibility, you won’t get the sales and you will certainly get a ruff ride from Google.

Don’t even think that a few medical credentials and a degree to your name is going to do the trick. You need much more than that to convince people.

Doubtless, if your remedy is as good as you claim, you’ll have a number of written testimonials. Positioning these prominently on your website is a good start. But let’s face it, written testimonials can be faked and who is going to check back with the person that is supposed to have written it?

Certainly, video testimonials would be better, but like written testimonials, these can also be faked by asking friends and family to record something for you.

The trick to building credibility is to get others that already have credibility to review and write about the benefits of your product.

You need to approach newspapers and respected medical journals and tell them about your amazing cure. Let them evaluate it and if it’s as good as you claim, they’ll write about you.

You can then reference their articles on your website and if (like most newspapers and journals) they have an online version, even link directly to their review.

And you may also want to speak with Government departments regarding any registration or certification that can be obtained for your product. Many have a certificate or registration logo that you can add to your website giving you loads of credibility.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, this sounds like a lot of hard work, and you’re right it is. But remember, you’re in a line of business where everybody’s first thought is that your product is a scam. It’s up to you to prove them wrong.