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We will work with you as your  Online Marketing Manager. We are Google Adwords Qualified in Search Advertising (PPC) and we have experience with Google products including Webmaster Tools, Analytic’s and Adwords (PPC). A solid eMarketing strategy with monthly goals and objectives is required to build your business online. We will tailor a specific Digital Marketing strategy to suit your business needs.

Anybody Can Have a Website, But If Customers Are Not Finding Your Website What Good Does It Do? Focus On Your Business, Let Us Handle The Details. Maximum Internet Exposure At A Budget You Can Afford. Let Us Handle The Details For You.

 We provide data-driven online marketing strategies designed to achieve a desired return on marketing investment. We are a business minded agency that uses analytics and interactive marketing as a tool to increase revenue and profits.

Social Media

Imagine being able to generate business through word-of-mouth marketing where your fans and followers do all the work.  All you hear today is Facebook this and Twitter that, you’ve probably even been told you need a Facebook Fan Page and Twitter profile for your business.

But like many business owners you’re not really sure how to use these networks to your benefit and with an overload of information about social media flying around on the Internet, it’s hard to decide what will work for you.

Now, most of my clients were naturally skeptical about social media and sometimes even a little confused!  If this sounds like you don’t worry, BlueDesign offers simple, sound advice on what direction your company should be taking in this exciting world of social media.  After all, your customers are spending more than 7 hours per month (on average) on Facebook alone!

Maybe you already started using social media and are spending time updating your profiles with promotions and related company content but not seeing any benefit to your bottom line?  Now would be the perfect time to seek professional advice to develop a strategy that focuses on engagement and achieving business goals.

Starter Pack

Having a professionally branded Facebook & Twitter page, set up by a social media expert will ensure your visitors find what they are looking for and interact with you, not your competitors.

But what next?  Posting random updates every now and then just won’t get the results you are looking for.  You need a proper social media strategy that outlines clear goals for your business and how to reach them.

Case study 1

PPC campaign is an important driver of new business. For promoting a new quizzes services of the exam preparation, we use extensive PPC campaign to increase in mobile usage of our website.

This is vital to well measure the effectiveness of campaigns and also to control a trustworthy cost-per-acquisition key performance indicator.

“Within a matter of weeks we were #1 resource when people were looking for various career tests.”

We have a very specific niche customer (NGO education) that is extremely difficult to reach. They were able to select keywords that captured that traffic and drive conversions. We are very pleased.


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